Dancers United Against Cancer

So I'm sure everyone's pretty much gearing up for Dragon*Con, which is great, and I'm excited too.  I have plenty of shoots booked.  But the next weekend, September 12th, if you're free that Saturday I have something you could be doing... 

September 12th from 6 to 10 PM.  If you click through the link, I'm betting the photos look familiar.  I'm excited to be able to say I'm again providing both photography, photo booth, and videography services.  There's also a special I'll be running during the event for anyone who donates to the cause who might also be looking for a wedding photographer.

I've been a part of Dancers Unite for several years now, and have been one of the sponsors for the last three or four years.  I'm both part of the ballroom community in Atlanta, and someone who had their own scare with cancer years back.  So this event is kind of a triple-threat for me.  I get to be a part of an event and community fundraiser I believe in, get to do the photography and the photobooth for the event, and get some ballroom dance time in as well. 

The fundraiser is designed to help one family cover the costs of cancer treatments a loved one is going through.  The event is always emotional and always a great experience.  If you've got nothing going on that night, buy a ticket, put on your best dancing shoes, and meet me there!


Donors Choose Discount

I have a whole post about why I have this permanent discount, here’s a link to that blog post.  But here are the simple details- anyone who gives Donors Choose a donation of $50 or more to a school in your community is automatically entitled to a 25% discount on ANY photography service from me for that calendar year.  It applies to weddings booked as well.  So, let’s say you donate in July, and book a wedding in August with me for the following May.  Discount applies to that package, a savings of more than $600 on my simplest wedding packages.  Why?  Well, go read the blog post.  But… short version- some things are more important than money.