Wedding Loadout

Asia – Soul Survivor

There’s a subReddit on wedding photography and often people will post their typical wedding gear they take with them to most weddings.  Mostly it’s for like-minded souls to chat about their gear that they love, that’s an extension of their personality and a source of pride.  I figured why not.  So I arranged my gear on the floor of my studio and attempted to take a picture.  The result is this-


All well and good for a blurry cell-phone picture, until I tell you that I didn’t include the carrying cases, flash batteries, power cords, data cables, duct tape, electrical tape, bag of tools, and in-case-of-emergency bag.  All in all, when loaded up for a wedding, I carry over one hundred pounds of equipment to and from the venue.  Fortunately it all fits inside my workhorse Volkswagen hatchback… barely.  When driving home from a venue in the early hours of the morning with a fully loaded car, often the only music that works audibly over all the gear is techno to keep me awake.

Foreigner – I Want To Know What Love Is

If the venue allows it and the bride wants it, I also have two Interfit SuperS Cool-Lite Constant Softbox lights I bring for the photobooth.   Often for photobooths I also will rent a Canon 70D as the batteries and memory card are interchangeable with my two main cameras, and have the same sensor resolution and megapixel size, so that there’s no change in quality or output between the booth and the images captured by me. 

So let’s go through the list!

Billy Joel – Only The Good Die Young

Four tripods for speedlights (plus two not pictured to go with the Interfit constant lights if I need them)

Roundflash light modifier (great for portraits and that club look)

Canon 16-35 f/2.8 II L

Canon 24-105 f/4 L

Canon 70-200 f/2.8 IS II L

MSI Laptop

Color card for white balance

Canon AE-1 with Vivitar 200 mm lens (for that vintage film moment)

Canon 6D with grip

Canon 7D Mark II with grip

Canon XT

Canon Elan 7n

Cactus v6 wireless triggers x 6 (attached to each lead camera and the four speedlights)

3 extra camera batteries

Memory cards

BlackRapid RS dual-wielding camera harness

Canon 600EX-RT speedlight

Yungnuo 600EX-RT speedlight

Canon 430EX II x 2


Business Cards


Gel modifiers for Rogue Flash grids and wraps

RODE microphone input

Rogue Honeycomb Grid x 3

Vello Bounce Dome Diffusers

Extra Eneloop rechargeable batteries & chargers to go with the Pro High Capacity batteries in all the flashes

Most of the time, this all fits into three cases, with the cameras going in a Pelican 1510 and the other gear stowed between a flash bag and a larger rolling cart for the tripods.  Ideally I’ll have three Pelicans one day to carry everything for simplicity and safety sake. 

Do I use all this every wedding?  Nope… but I always bring it all with me.