New Designs

It took a decent bit of frustration, two computers, a hosting service switch, several hours of uploads, a router and modem reboot, and approximately an entire case of Coke Zero, but finally my new website is live!  I’m excited to hear what people thing, and look forward to the expanded features I should now be able to offer.  The first thing is this blog, something I wasn’t able to have through my previous hosting service.  The goal is to have new posts up at least every other week, hopefully posts that will be insightful, and conversation starters.  I don’t know everything, far from it, but I do love photography and am very passionate about it. 

One thing I often do is write to music, and post it, so when something in italics shows up like they will underneath, forgive me in advance for my odd (some might say poor, but I think they just aren’t as cultured) taste.

Leonard Cohen - Nevermind

Soon private galleries for clients will be available, so that as soon as an event happens, I’ll be able to upload previews right away.  After that, as a few people have asked, I’ll be offering a printing sales service.  I have to shake out the details (ie figure out how to set it up after I buy another case of caffeine). 

What I’m most interested in right now is the new design, what do you think of it?  Please feel free to comment giving me your likes, dislikes, or just say hello! 

~ TJ R